Flooring Repairs

Day in day out, Floors take a huge beating. Kids play on it, furniture is dragged across, and as time goes on, the floors require maintenance and repairs. If floors aren't repaired in time, unfortunately the only solution would be complete replacement of the flooring.

That being said, our skilled tradesmen know how to restore your floor back to (or at least close) to it's original shine, giving your floor new life and thus lasting longer. This not only saves your floor, but saves your budget in the long run.
Type of floor repairs we do:
  • Carpet re-stretch
  • Carpet patching seam
  • Carpet staircase
  • Hardwood repairs
  • Ceramic repairs
  • Engineered repairs
  • Laminate repairs
  • Resilient repairs
  • V-C-T repairs
  • L-V-T repairs
  • L-V-P repairs