Basement Water Damage & Repair

Nobody wants a leaking, wet or flooded basement. Living in Canada, you're subject to all 4 seasons, which means your home takes a lot of damage over time. As the ground becomes soaked from rain, your foundation can be in jeopardy. Overtime cracks can form resulting in a flooded basement.

Water damage can result in your home becoming unstable or worse, condemned due to an instable infrastructure. Hire the right team to turn your basement into flood-proof and ensure your home can withstand the brutal seasons.

How we fix water damage:

  • Cleaning
  • Mold & Mildew Treatment
  • Repairs to Drywall
  • Sealing Basement
  • Water Proofing Basement
  • Repair to Existing Concrete
  • Repairs to sub-floor
  • Replace dry-core sub-floor
  • Re-install Flooring in Basement to Customers Preference
  • Trim-Work Installation Baseboards, Flat-stock & or 1/4 Rounds
  • Door-Casting